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Clients Reviews -

  • you are a good person and a person who cares about other, i thank you very much for your advise, i am very done put the things you took the time to tell me was powerful and i will follow them, i do need to drink more water. , this man is a godly man, and i pray that he continues to be true to people, he is a a caring person.
  • what a amazing person he is he can c anything without any suger coating so dont go anywhere ur future is here chat with him he ll give u solution
  •  Thank you...you have been very accurate so far! I truly feel that you have a strong connection with me.
  • He has been accurate in all his predictions this past year. I started reading with him in April when things were falling apart in my life and he predicted a positive outcome, I did not believe him really- but in the end he was right!
  • He can really advise on all things. When he feels he does not know the answer or can't give u insight he will tell you.
  • So honest and practical -- i have missed coming to him do to time differences, but when ever I do i feel better. Thank you.
  • Last April Vedic Guru gave me a reading regarding my relationship problems and everything he predicted came true, I followed his advice and it helped me tremendously to be patient and let things unfold, and not over think or over-react. I am grateful for his reading and guidance.
  • I enjoyed my 6 month reading. The only issue I had with it was about my parents. They cannot suffer I'll health because they are already gone to heaven. It WAS a general read though. Thank you. I enjoyed the parts that said I woulD travel. I do indeed have a couple short trips planned!
  • Well Vedic Guru i used to contact me regularly 4 years ago some have knowledge some know something but Vedicguru has a deep understanding and deep knowledge about vedic star astrology he has been very right in the past and he is still making shocking truth statements which can astonish you but he reveals the truth as it is.
  • always a pleasure having my reading done by VedicGuru. Great Insights and good advice. very pleased and light.
  • vedic Guru is very accurate and informative. His past prediciton came to pass and looking forward to his current ones. He connects fast and is very informative and helpful
  • Awesome reader, Very accurate. What he predicted just happened. Very gifted insight !
  • he was honest but i wasnt ready to hear what he said to me..but ler wait and see..and tq for yor good reading
  • Accurate and honest reader. He has predicted several things and already one of them has come to pass. I appreciate that he is humble in his readings and helps guide to the highest good.
  • Helpful and guiding. I would recommend him, as his analysis is accurate with timelines and changing impact of planets. Thank you.
  • Very reliable, insightful and accurate reading. I would check what comes to pass, but the guidence provided and analysis made helped me a lot. Gives clear picture of your traits and areas of improvement. I would recommend.
  • Wonderful reading. He picked right up on my issue and it all rang true to me. I would highly recommend him.
  • Good reading. Thanks for your positive insights. Very helpful and reassuring. Thanks.
  • He is always so kind and a special clairvoyant indeed. Highly recommend. If you want answers, he has truth, clear and precise answers to all your questions. You will be glad you found him. Thanks so much Vedic Guru. God bless.
  • very good positive astrologer that helps people grow out of their misery that maybe even self created or created by circumstances.
  • Very helpful with suggestions to clear negative energy. I always feel better after such a kind and caring reading from Vedic Guru. Truly a Godsend! He always speaks truth!
  • Excellent as always. Great connection and great insights. He helped me see things clearly and have positive outlook. Highly recommend. Thanks so much.
  • Great reading . Helped me get a clear mindset and undertanding. Thank you so much for the step to get closer to what's In store for me. Will definitely come back.