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Namakaran Sanskar / vidhi (Naming the child)

What is Namkaran Sanskar - 

The name for the baby is selected such that its meaning can inspire the child to follow the path of righteousness.

In India people of different casts and religions have their own way of performing the baby naming ceremony / Naamkaran. Hindus follow different rituals and procedures for performing the naming ceremony of the new born. Right from choosing a baby name to placing the baby in the cradle, every thing is carried out by following the rituals. Hindus believe that the baby naming ceremony should be carried out by following proper rituals to bestow baby with a good life.

These days when a baby is born Some parents usually do not consult any astrologer and whatever names appeals to them, they go for it and name the baby. I would like to make a point here that Naamkaran Sanskaar has been a very old tradition which was set by our great sages centuries ago. In 16 Hindu Sacraments - Naamkaran vidhi is 5th most important Sanskar. 

Namkaran Sanskar becomes important to choose a name as per the favorable nakshtras and planets because this will be the name with which the child will be known throughout his/her life and the name will impact the child throughout the life. Many aspects are considered while naming the baby. The day and time of the baby naming ceremony is known as 'Shubh Mahurat' which is an auspicious time for naming the baby. The letter with which the baby is named is normally decided based on his / her Kundali, birth time, positions of stars and planets.

Best best day for the Naamkaran ceremony is 10th, 12th or 16th day of the child's birth. If this is not possible then any other auspicious day should be chosen.

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