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Yoga's In Kundli
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Namkaran Report

Namakaran / Baby names based on astrology   INR Rs. 101- USD $ 2

In many Indian families, children are named as per the child's zodiac sign ( Rasi ) and star constellation in which the moon is placed at the time of birth ( Janma Nakshatra ). For each sign / birth star certain letters are considered auspicious and the first letter of the child's name should start with one of the suitable letters. This report helps you to find your Newborns, rashi, nakshatra, pada, suitable letters for naming, Namkaran Muhurta. So the new lucky name will give baby more lucks throughout their life.


Yoga's in Kundli and their Impact on your life   INR Rs. 1000 - USD $ 20
In Vedic astrology, yogas are very important as it affects the whole life of a person. Kundli reveals the whole life of a person, but many times questions asked regarding different types of yogas in a horoscope. Yogas are formed by the combinations of planets in a particular place in a horoscope. Many types of combinations are formed and they form different yogas which are very important sometime to understand a horoscope or a person's life. To know which Yoga are there in your kundli Contact us.


Match Making / Kundli Gun Milan Report  INR Rs. 800.00 - USD $ 16 
The Natal Charts of the man and the woman are drawn and comparatively tested for compatibility in eight different ways. Each test has a score. While the maximum points that can be achieved under each test are different, the full 8-fold test can yield a maximum score of 36 points which judges how compatible you two are by seeing the zodiac signs and horoscopes . A score of 18 is deemed to be the minimum for a reasonable match. Marriages are not recommended for a result below 18.  

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